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Cenergia's knowledge has been widely disseminated in hundreds of peer-reviewed journal papers, scientific book chapters, technical reports, working papers, policy briefs, and international and national conference proceedings.

Cenergia's scholars have been recognised and rewarded with top prizes for research and academic excellence:

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Journal Papers

Recent Peer-reviewed Journal Articles​

If your institution library does not have access to our journal publications, feel free to send a request directly to us.


  • Neto S., ROCHEDO P.R.R., SZKLO A (2021). Calcium looping post-combustion CO2 capture in sugarcane bagasse fuelled power plantsInternational Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control v. 110 (103401).

  • VINHOZA A. & R. SCHAEFFER (2021). Brazil's offshore wind energy potential assessment based on a Spatial Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews v. 146 (111185).



  • Fragkos P., van Soest H., SCHAEFFER R., Reedman L., KOBERLE A., Macaluso N., Evangelopoulou S., Vita A., Sha F., Qimin C., Kejun J., Mathur R., Shekhar S., Boer R., Dewi R.G., Herran D.S., Oshiro K., Fujimori S., Park C., Safonov G. & G.C. Iyer (2021). Energy System Transitions and Low-Emission Pathways in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, EU-28, India, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russia, and United States. Energy v. 216, 119385.


  • van Soest H., Reis L.A., BAPTISTA L.B., Bertram C., Després J., Drouet L., Elzen M., Fragkos P., Fricko O., Fujimori S., Grant N., Harmsen M., Iyer G., Keramidas K., Köberle A., Kriegler E., Malik A., Mittal S., Oshiro K., Riahi K., Roelfsema M., Ruijven B., SCHAEFFER R., Herran D.S., Tavoni M., Unlu G., Vandyck T., D. van Vuuren (2021). A Global Roll-out of Nationally Relevant Policies Bridges the Emissions Gap. Nature Communications. DOI: 10.21203/


  • Riahi K., Bertram C., Huppmann D., Rogelj J., Bosetti V., Cabardos A.M., Deppermann A., Drouet L., Frank S., Fricko O., Fujimori S., Harmsen M., Hasegawa T., Krey V., Luderer G., Paroussos L., SCHAEFFER R., Weitzel M., van der Zwaan B., Vrontisi Z., Longa F.D., Després J.,  Fragkiadakis F.K., Gusti M., Humpenöder F., Keramidas K., Kishimoto P., Kriegler E., Meinshausen M., Nogueira L.P., Oshiro K., Popp A., ROCHEDO P.R.R., Unlu G., van Ruijven B., Takakura J., Tavoni M., van Vuuren D. & B. Zakeri (2021). Long-term economic benefits of stabilizing warming without overshoot – the ENGAGE model intercomparison. Nature Climate Change. DOI: 10.21203/

  • Roelfsema M., van Soest H.L., Harmsen M.,van Vuuren D.P. Bertram C., den Elzen M., Höhne N., Iacobuta G., Krey V., Kriegler E., Luderer G., Riahi K., Ueckerdt F., Després J., Drouet L., Emmerling J., Frank S., Fricko O., Gidden M., Humpenöder F., Huppmann D., Fujimori S., Fragkiadakis K., Gi K., Keramidas K., KOBERLE A.C., Aleluia Reis L., ROCHEDO P.R.R., SCHAEFFER R., Oshiro K., Vrontisi Z., Chen W., Iyer G.C., Edmonds J., Kannavou M., Jiang K., Mathur R., Safonov, G. & S.S. Vishwanathan (2020). Taking stock of national climate policies to evaluate implementation of the Paris Agreement. Nature Communications v. 11(1), 2096. DOI: 10.1038/s41467-020-15414-6

  • SCHAEFFER R., Bosetti V., Kriegler E., Riahi K. & D. van Vuuren (2020). Climatic change: CD-Links special issue on national low-carbon development pathways. Climatic Change v.162(4), 1779-1785. DOI: 10.1007/s10584-020-02890-4

  • SCHAEFFER R., KOBERLE A., van Soest H., Bertram C., Luderer G., Riahi K., Krey V., van Vuuren D.P., Kriegler E., Fujimori S., Chen W., He C., Vrontisi, Z., Vishwanathan, S., Garg, A., Mathur, R., Shekhar, S., Oshiro, K., Ueckerdt, F., Safonov, G., Iyer G., Gi K. & V. Potashnikov (2020). Comparing transformation pathways across major economies. Climatic Change v.162(4), 1787-1803. DOI: 10.1007/s10584-020-02837-9

  • Yalew S.G., van Vliet M.T.H., Gernaat D.E.H.J., Ludwig F., Miara A., Park C., Byers E., De Cian E., Piontek F., Iyer G., Mouratiadou I., Glynn J., Hejazi M., Dessens O., ROCHEDO P.R.R., Pietzcker R.l, SCHAEFFER R., Fujimori S., Dasgupta S., Mima S., da Silva S.R.S., Chaturvedi V., Vautard R. & D.P. van Vuuren (2020). Impacts of climate change on energy systems in global and regional scenarios. Nature Energy, v. 5 (10), 794-802. DOI: 10.1038/s41560-020-0664-z

  • MAHECHA R.E.G., Caldas L.S., GARAFFA R., LUCENA A.F.P., SZKLO A. & R.D.T. Filho (2020). Constructive systems for social housing deployment in developing countries: A case study using dynamic life cycle carbon assessment and cost analysis in Brazil. Energy and Buildings, v. 227,110395.

  • Mata E., Harris S., Novikova A., LUCENA A.F.P. & P. Bertoldi (2020). Climate Mitigation from Circular and Sharing Economy in the Buildings Sector. RESOURCES CONSERVATION AND RECYCLING v. 158.


  • Jakob, M., SORIA, R., Trindad, C., Edenhofer, O., Bak, C., Bouille, D., Buira, D., Carlino, H., Gutman, V., Hubner, C., Knopf, B., LUCENA, A.F.P., Santos, L., Scott, A., Steckel, J.C., Tanaka, K., Vogt-schilb, A. & K. Yamada (2019), Green fiscal reform for a just energy transition in Latin America. The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal, 13 (2019-17): 1–11. DOI: 10.5018/economics-ejournal.ja.2019-17


Technical Reports

  • Silva F., Schaeffer R., Szklo A., Lucena A.F.P., Rochedo P.R.R., Portugal-Pereira J., Haddad E., Domingues E., Carvalho A., Vinhoza A., Fiorini A.C., Ludovique C., Angelkorte G., Baptista L.B., Império M., Poggio M., Rampini P., Rathmann R., Nogueira T., E. Baltar. 2022. Plano de Descarbonização de Pernambuco. Secretaria de Meio Ambiente e Sustentabilidade, Governo do Estado de Pernambuco. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). Recife, Brazil.


  • Schaeffer R., Rajão R., Szklo A., Rathmann R., Vinhoza A., Lucena A., Callegri, C., Marcolino C.P., Salomão C.S.C., Toral F., Silva F., Carvalho F., Freitas J.S., Veloso L.V.S., Rosado L.R., Beghin L.S., Baptista L.B., Barroso M.B.C., Maia P.M.B., Rochedo P., Morais T.N., Bittencourt S.R.M., A.M. Mendonça. 2021. Technology action plans for the energy system, agriculture, forestry and other land use sectors -- Brasilia: Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations, United Nations Environment Programme. ISBN: 978-65-87432-14-4.

  • Império M., Garaffa R., Cunha B., Koberle A., Rochedo P.R.R., Gurgel A., Lucena A., Szklo A., R. Schaeffer. 2019. Brazil in a (well-below) 2°C World briefing. ICS  - Instituto Clima e Sociedade. Rio de Janeiro. Brazil.

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